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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

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Popcorn Time For Windows

With Popcorn Time for Windows, you can watch all the movies and TV Shows you like, similarly to Netflix.

Installation Instructions

The following instructions will guide you through the installation of Popcorn Time.

  1. First, scroll down for the download button on this page, and click it to start the download.
  2. After the download is finished, you can open the file that you downloaded, to start the installation.
  3. Click Next, and accept the terms about ownership of Popcorn Time. You can read this if you like.
  4. Now, you can indicate where you want to install Popcorn Time. It's recommended to leave this in the Appdata\Local folder.
  5. The Installer will now install Popcorn Time and create the necessary files on your system. The installer will only install Popcorn Time. No Junk.
  6. In case you get an error saying that it cannot write files, close the installer, and open it as Administrator (right click on the installer file).
  7. After this is done, a window will pop up, giving you the option to create an icon on your desktop.
  8. You're all set. To use Popcorn Time, open Popcorn Time, select your Movie or TV Show, and start watching!

Only Popcorn.

No Junk.

Download For Windows

Windows 7 and newer

Version: 3.10

Last Updated: 22-10-2018